BU takes first loss in RIOT LoL Tournament

BU takes first loss in RIOT LoL Tournament

BELLEVUE, Neb. -- The Bellevue University League of Legends eSports team suffered their first loss in the RIOT College League of Legends Tournament this past weekend, falling to the University of Manitoba, 2-0.

Bellevue dips to 7-3-1 in competitive matches on the year and 3-1 in RIOT College LoL play.

Match Lineup:

The Bruins debuted a new lineup in their fourth round match with MercyLM swapping his Mid-Lane role to be the team's new Jungler and IncredibleGom getting a call up from the JV squad to serve as the new Mid-Laner.

Manitoba 2, Bellevue 0

Game One: Manitoba def. Bellevue

Bellevue began the first game strong, securing first blood in the bottom lane as the result of an early gank (surprise attack on an enemy champion). MercyLM, BU Tea Full, and Raay made a great play giving BU an early double kill.

Despite the early lead and making their rotations the Bruins were unable to secure any additional objectives. The mid- and late-game play was stagnant on Bellevue's behalf allowing Manitoba to farm up and scale.

The Bisons secured many objectives – dragon and baron – through the mid-game to push to victory. Bellevue had opportunities to win but they were unable to build upon their early momentum and Manitoba swiped the win.

Game Two: Manitoba def. Bellevue

The Bruins came out with a strong pick/ban for game two which got off to a slow start. The tempo seemingly favored Manitoba as the Bisons picked up first blood. From there Manitoba continued to pick on and abuse IncredibleGom, taking multiple turrets and objectives along the way.

Game two continued at a slow pace with Manitoba steadily securing each objective on the map and pushing into BU territory. As the game progressed Bellevue was unable to rally/pick one of the Bisons players. Manitoba followed a disciplined script, not making mistakes and executing basics, as they were able to secure the win.

Up Next:

Bellevue's next RIOT match and opponent will be announced early this week.