Bruin eSports raise $1,000 for charity

Bruin eSports raise $1,000 for charity

BELLEVUE, Neb. -- On Friday, Nov. 3 the Bellevue University eSports team participated in a League of Legends Charity Tournament. The tournament was a 24-hour stream will a goal of making $1,000 for the children's hospital in Toronto.

Out of 50 teams in the tournament, BU was able to make it to the final, falling short of victory after streaming for nine hours. However, the tournament was a success because the Bruins were able to exceed the stated goal of $1,000 in 24 hours for the Extra Life Chapter, children's hospital, in Toronto.

BU Lineup:

Top Lane: Xu Xie "Sam" (abcabcabc)

Jungle: Huihao Zhong "Vincent" (v1nSenTe2)

Mid-Lane: Dylan Guidichessi (Asuh My Dudes)

AD Carry: Gabriel Eckenroth (Lilman)

Bottom Lane: Chengyun Xue "Ray" (Raay)

Shout Casters for live stream: Liam Arsenault and Nicholas Kujawa

Bellevue went 4-2-1 in their first-ever tournament, the AVGL Collegiate League of Legends Championship, earlier this season.

The Bruins will take part in a pair of tournaments in January. Schedules for both RIOT's University League of Legends Tournament and the NACeSports Tournament will be announced in the near future on