BU eSports stung by Yellow Jackets in AVGL Round of 32

BU eSports stung by Yellow Jackets in AVGL Round of 32

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BELLEVUE, Neb. -- The Bellevue University eSports team saw their run in their debut tournament come to an end on Sunday afternoon. The Bruins fell by a score of 2-1 to the Georgia Institute of Technology in the AVGL (American Video Game League) Collegiate League of Legends Championship, Round of 32.

With the defeat the Bruins drop to 4-2-1 on the season while Georgia Tech. advances in the competition to the Round of 16. The loss snapped a five-match unbeaten streak for BU during which Bellevue posted a 4-0-1 record in group play.

Ga. Tech. 2, BU 1

Game One:

During the early game Bellevue took the lead, achieving first blood in the bottom lane against their support. The Bruins continued to lead after their mid-lane Dylan Guidichessi (Asuh My Dudes) picked up a kill.

Moving to the middle portion of the game BU was able to obtain the first objective by destroying the first Georgia Tech. turret, further extending their lead. The Bruins we also able to capture the first neutral monster – a cloud dragon – during the middle portion of the game. As the game continued to progress BU was able to capture both the Rift Herald and a second cloud dragon.

Headed to the final stages of the game Bellevue was able to continue to capture major objective, including Baron Nashor, and push through the Yellow Jackets' base and taking out their Nexus.

Game Two:

The second game was decided in the "picks and bans" phase as the Bruins, according to Coach Alex Rogers, "did not choose a support that synergized with our AD Carry and attack damage carry." The Yellow Jackets grabbed the lead by obtaining four kills in the early game.

The game continued to spiral out of control as Georgia Tech. freely roamed through the Bellevue jungle – taking BU's neutral monsters from their jungler, Huihao Zhong "Vincent" (v1nSenTe2). That momentum precipitated a snowball effect as Tech. further extended their already sizable lead.

Georgia Tech. continued to out-scale BU as the game progressed before capturing the win with their strong team composition. They quickly finished the game by capturing the major neutral monsters and pushing through the Bruins' base with a final kill count of 28-9.

Game Three:

The decisive third game of the match was one which could have gone either way. Bellevue did well during the "picks and bans" phase, choosing a very strong team composition with a high pressure and early kill potential. This led to the Bruins striking for first blood and a 3-0 lead in kills at the five minute mark. Bellevue continued to push objectives and destroyed the first turret.

Headed to the mid-game BU was able to capture the first dragon and continue to stay in front. Bellevue slayed the Baron and moved deeper into Yellow Jacket territory, destroying turret after turret. Georgia Tech. was eventually able to stop the Bruin advance by using their crowd controlling ultimates to slow the advance before seeing it come to a half.

Into the late stage of the game Bellevue slayed the Baron again and destroyed a pair of Georgia Tech. inhibitors. They then captured "Elder Dragon" (which enhances all of the abilities from the previously slain dragons). As the game continued to progress the tide began to turn as the Yellow Jackets' late game/team fight composition was superior to Bellevue's which they used to their advantage. Ultimately, Georgia Tech. out-scaled and out-played the Bruins in the final team fight outside the Baron Pit where Tech. "aced" BU and pushed to victory.

BU Lineup:

Top Lane: Xu Xie "Sam" (abcabcabc)

Jungle: Huihao Zhong "Vincent" (v1nSenTe)

Mid-Lane: Dylan Guidichessi (Asuh My Dudes)

AD Carry: Gabriel Eckenroth (Lilman)

Bottom Lane: Chengyun Xue "Ray" (Raay)

Analyst: Liam Arsenault (salty bob)

Coach: Alex Rogers (d3ngerzone)

Shout Caster for live stream: Nicholas Kujawa

Up Next:

Bellevue's will next compete in Riot's University League of Legends Championship. The schedule for the tournament will be announced in the near future. Check back with BUBruins.com for all the latest on Bruins' eSports.