Bruins tie Miami (Ohio), await knockout round match-up

Bruins tie Miami (Ohio), await knockout round match-up

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BU-Miami Results

BELLEVUE, Neb. -- The Bellevue University eSports team concluded the group stage of the AVGL (American Video Game League) Collegiate League of Legends Championship on Wednesday evening with a 1-1 tie against the Miami University (Ohio) RedHawks.

BU 1, Miami 1

Game One:

Miami took an early lead by getting first blood but couldn't build upon their early momentum as Bellevue remained within striking distance. Shortly after Miami grabbed first blood Bellevue used a 3-for-1 trade kill in the bottom lane to sneak ahead. Moving into the middle portion of the game BU both out-scaled and out-maneuvered the RedHawks by capturing multiple objectives.

Bellevue went on to win game one by forcing a team fight at the Baron Pit. Miami's Jungler attempted to steal the Baron and would have been successful had he not died in the process, giving BU a 5-on-4 advantage. The Bruins were able to capitalize and earn the victory.

  • Note: Baron is a giant neutral monster that provides the team that slays it with a massive buff.

Game Two:

Bellevue took first blood in game two. Xu Xie "Sam" (abcabcabc) winning a 1-vs-1 against the RedHawk Top-Laner which was followed seconds later by Chengyun Xue "Ray" (Raay) getting a nice pick on the enemy support. Moving into the mid-game BU failed to take advantage of their stronger team composition which let Miami remain close.

The RedHawks dictated the tone of the match by controlling the majority of the map. Miami played better collectively by maximizing their team composition, positioning, and taking advantage of Bellevue focusing on the incorrect champions during team fights. Miami won multiple team fights before continuing to move into BU's base – taking tower after tower – and, ultimately out-scaling the Bruins for the win.

BU Lineup:

Top Lane: Xu Xie "Sam" (abcabcabc)

Jungle: Huihao Zhong "Vincent" (v1nSenTe)

Mid-Lane: Dylan Guidichessi (Asuh My Dudes)

AD Carry: Gabriel Eckenroth (Lilman)

Bottom Lane: Chengyun Xue "Ray" (Raay)

Analyst: Liam Arsenault (salty bob)

Coach: Alex Rogers (d3ngerzone)

Shout Caster for live stream: Nicholas Kujawa


Bellevue's match scheduled for Friday evening against the University of Northern Iowa will not be played as scheduled. This is a result of UNI withdrawing from the tournament with the Bruins being credited a 2-0 victory.

Up Next:

Bellevue advances to the Best-of-3 Championship Round which will begin with the Round of 32 Saturday-Sunday, Sept. 30-Oct. 1. Pairings and game times will be announced sometime on Friday evening. Check back with for the Bruins' match-up when it's released.