Men's Soccer Mission Statement and Philosophy


Mission Statement

Bellevue University Men’s Soccer Program aims to provide each student athlete the necessary support and instruction in the technical, tactical, physical, psychological and social aspects of the game for each individual player to maximize their athletic potential. We also aim to work alongside each student athlete to ensure that they progress academically each year until the eventual completion of their chosen degree by offering individual support via tutoring, study hall and academic advising.

We strive to recruit outstanding talent locally, nationally and internationally, offering a diverse culture and unique opportunity for student athletes to develop socially. We will create a positive, supportive and professional learning environment for all.

1) To provide a support system academically, through study hall, tutoring and academic monitoring, where student athletes have every opportunity to succeed in the class room. 

2) To put a structure in place where every player will have the opportunity to maximize their potential both academically and athletically. 

3) To identify and recruit the best players through a structured, meticulous and wide ranging recruiting program, nationally and internationally. 

4) To produce and recruit players and staff who at all times act in a professional, disciplined manner, with respect for our Program, our University and our Community, as well as each other at all times. 

5) To create a culture of practice with players and staff that are intrinsically motivated to work towards their own individual development. 

6) To take an “Holistic” approach to training and ensure both the training and playing environment is safe and player development friendly, where players have unconditional support regardless of the outcome, result or performance. 

7) To provide the best training and playing facilities we can to ensure we can compete with other college programs at the NAIA Level Nationally. 

8) To ensure that each player who joins our program has a fantastic experience, academically and athletically and feels proud to have represented Bellevue University and graduate from Bellevue University.  


Bellevue University Men’s Soccer Program encourages players to be confident on the ball and try to play through the thirds. We will play progressive, attack-minded, positive and purposeful soccer, with an aim to enter the final third to create goal scoring opportunities. Players are asked to express themselves on the ball, to be creative while in possession, and in return they will receive unconditional support from the staff regardless of the outcome. We will adapt the way we defend depending on the opposition we face, the situation we find ourselves in during the match and the playing environments we are in. We will create a culture from staff through to our players based on high work ethic, this along with our positive and holistic approach to coaching will help create an outstanding team spirit both on and off the pitch and help ensure that we develop well rounded student athletes who will not only excel as an athlete but also in the work environment and in the community.