Bruin LoL team competes in Wichita; falls in second RIOT match

Bruin LoL team competes in Wichita; falls in second RIOT match

BELLEVUE, Neb. -- The Bellevue University League of Legends team competed this past weekend at the Wichita eSports Convention and competed in their second RIOT College League of Legends regular-season match.

Wichita eSports Convention:

In a tournament blending both semiprofessional and collegiate teams, Bellevue went 1-2 in group stage action at the Wichita eSports Convention. The event was held on the campus of Wichita State University.

The Bruins began the day in strong fashion with a thorough victory over Mingos but losses to Robert Morris (Chicago, Ill.) JV and AZIO prevented the Bruins from advancing to the knockout rounds of the tournament.

RIOT College League of Legends, North Conference:

Bellevue (1-1) faced the Scarlet Hawks of Illinois Tech. (2-0) in the second RIOT CLoL North Conference match for each team. After BU claimed victory in the first game in 25:42, Illinois Tech. responded by winning the second and third games in 26:44 and 31:52, respectively.

BU posted a 25-14 advantage in kills in the opening game but were undone, being killed by a 47-20 margin in the final two games.

Up Next:

The BU LoL team next competed in their third RIOT CLoL match on Saturday, Feb. 9 against an opponent to be determined later this week.